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The Physical Education program at Montessori School of Anderson focuses on the overall health and fitness of each student by exploring wellness topics, teamwork, sportsmanship, cooperation, and skill development.  The primary goal of the program is to inspire students to exercise healthy habits for a lifetime.  Exploration of many different activities such as gymnastics, tennis, track and field, yoga, and swimming is encouraged.  Activities are designed to increase fitness levels of students in the following areas: flexibility and balance, muscular strength and endurance, and cardio-respiratory endurance.  Students will learn rules, skills, and strategies related to soccer, tennis, basketball, volleyball, Frisbee, field hockey, and flag football.  Exercise and fitness safety, prevention of injury, health, nutrition, and basic human anatomy are important topics of study.  MSA students participate annually in the Presidential Physical Fitness Test. 









Music Education starts at a very young age at the Montessori School of Anderson.  Besides the traditional forms of music presented in most schools (singing, games, and rhythms), our music specialist visits each classroom weekly to encourage and promote an exploration into tone and quality of the human voice.  The music education begins to take on a more formal setting at age five when the rising first graders leave their classroom weekly for music class.  From first through eighth grade, students participate in music two to four times a week depending on the age.  The music curriculum used throughout the levels is a Kodaly based curriculum.  Kodaly is a methodology which teaches musical literacy using the child’s voice and body as his first instrument.  The students reinforce their musical skills with Orff and percussion instruments.  They begin to learn recorders in the third grade and hand chimes in middle school.  Each student also begins Suzuki violin instruction at age four and continues through third grade.  After third grade, Suzuki is offered to those who elect to continue.  During the Upper Elementary and Upper School programs, students have the option of joining the string orchestra or learning a wind or brass instrument by joining the band.  Vocal performances enhance many of our specialty programs throughout the year.


Walk two Moons

July 25th & 26th


Visual Arts

The art program at MSA begins in infant/toddler where teachers have the support of an art specialist simply to “explore” the feel of simple art media.  In the primary program, students meet weekly with an art instructor who introduces them to a variety of media including clay, watercolor, and sculpture.  Processes and exploration are emphasized over the end product.  Upon entering elementary school, students continue to discover different materials and subject matter and learn to view the world through the lens of art.  Finally, in the Upper School, students begin their classical art training which includes life drawing, charcoal, ceramics, sculpture, oil and acrylic on canvas, watercolor and gouache, intaglio and relief printmaking, color theory composition and design; as well as an in depth study of art history.

Performing Arts

Drama-based mini-plays occur throughout the year by supporting the individual classroom history or English classes.  Each level from elementary through high school participates in a theatrical performance featuring a full length play; many times this includes renting a theatre space.  Every student participates one way or another, on stage or off stage: costume and set construction and design, choreography, running lights, and sound, poster and t-shirt design.  When the final curtain goes down, all have the feeling of a communal project well done!

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