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May 12

May 16

May 19

May 20

May 26

Full, interactive calendar

Upper School Family Day at 12pm

Elementary plays

Family Day for Primary @ 9 & LE @ 10

High School Graduation

Promotion Day    8:30 - Primary, 9:30 - LE, 10:30 - UE, 11:30 - MS

Giving Grid

Click this link or the image below to view our MSA Giving Grid.

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Supporting MSA Family Businesses

During this time of social distancing and staying home, we would like to spotlight our MSA family businesses:

  • Carolina Bauernhaus Brewery and Winery

  • Reclaiming You Counseling LLC

  • Stowaway Storage

Please let us know if you own a small business that you would like to include on our MSA family business list by emailing the business office at

Chemis-Tea Testing

Students in Mr. Saunier's Chemistry class took Butterfly Pea Flower, a dried flower, and made tea from it. This tea makes a beautiful deep blue tea. They then added lemon juice, which is acidic. This tea is very pH reactive, and changes to a deep purple that deepens as you add more acid to it. They then used pH test strips to look at the change in pH as the lemon is added and how it affects the color of the tea.

Plant Growth Experiment

In a cross-level STEAM activity, students in Lower Elementary looking to determine whether or not corn on the cob was alive planted a corn cob as an experiment to test their hypotheses. When, after a couple of weeks, the corn cob was covered in sprouts, the students wanted to test whether the sprouts were growing from the cob or the kernels. So, the students revised their experimental setup and involved Middle School students in the Technology Club in order to monitor the growth after planting a new corn cob. An eighth grade student set up a Raspberry Pi computer and camera to record an image of the growth every fifteen minutes for twenty days, and those images were combined to create this video:


Montessori Mondays - Please join us each Monday in celebrating Montessori Monday by wearing Montessori-themed attire! Share your Montessori t-shirts on social media with the #MontessoriMonday hashtag and don't forget to tag MSA!

Family Day at MSA - Family Day for the Upper School (Middle and High School classes) remains on the original date on May 12, while the Primary and Lower Elementary dates have been rescheduled for May 19. 

Promotion Day - Promotion Day for students rising to the next level will be held on Friday, May 26. Primary promotion will take place at 8:30 am, Lower Elementary promotion will be at 9:30 am, and Upper Elementary will follow at 10:30 am, followed by Middle School at 11:30 am.

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