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Founder's Welcome

A child grows physically, emotionally, mentally, and most importantly, naturally.  To facilitate a child’s growth, he must be in an environment that encourages exploration, ingenuity and excitement.  Growth is something that is progressive but not necessarily in a neat predictable line.  There are times of mountain peaks of excitement and other quieter valleys for integration.  Understanding this cycle is fascinating to watch over a lifetime.  A single pink cube can hold much fascination and imagination all on its own in a Montessori primary class, but at some point becomes a sequence of weights and measures and eventually a mathematical equation.  Letters are initially symbols made tactile with sandpaper or assembled as a moveable alphabet to create sounds then words until a child squeals with delight:  “I can read!”  That same enthusiasm and sense of empowerment comes with digesting a difficult passage of Shakespeare:  “I understand!”  From realizing that a swing gives you flight to developing the coordination to shoot a bulls eye, we grow with confidence and assurance, and develop our innate ability to be our very best selves.

We, at Montessori, celebrate a child’s growing and create the needed environments for each stage of their development.  In this hectic age, providing “sacred space” for this development to take place is critical.



Karen Holt

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